I.                    The Several Stages of Christ’s Humiliation and Exaltation (con’d)

H.                 Christ’s Ascension (p. 324 et. seq.)

1.                  Resurrection itself:

a.                   Had no witnesses.

b.                  Needed no witnesses.

c.                   He showed Himself alive: Ac 1:3.

2.                  But, Ascended Savior

a.                   No longer shows Himself in a visible form to believers.

b.                  Until His return.

3.                  Therefore, Ascension

a.                   Took place visibly.

b.                  Ac 1:9.

c.                   To historically established this truth.

4.                  Ascension

a.                   Took place in an actual upward motion.

b.                  A gradual rising up.

c.                   Took place by His own free will.

d.                  Could have just disappeared as in Lk 24:31.

e.                   Instead, assumed the local and visible motion.

f.                    We do not claim the local upward movement beyond the cloud.

5.                  Two-fold goal of Christ’s Ascension

a.                   The coelum beatorum (the Paradise of the redeemed).

(1)               Lk 23:43.

(2)               Php 1:23.

b.                  The coelum maiestaticum (the right hand of God)

(1)               Mk 16:19.

(2)               1Pe 3:22.

(3)               Is not a mere “seat of honor” (per Reformed and Socinians)

(4)               Is the throne of Christ’s exalted humanity.

(5)               Eph 4:10.

(6)               Eph 1:20-23.

(7)               Heb 1:3.

(8)               Also not a mere “seat of rest”.

(9)               Is an active divine dominion.

(10)           Ac 2:34-36 (made full use of the divine majesty).

6.                  Reformed error of excluding His humanity from omnipresence and universal dominion in the world.

a.                   Their fundamental error: He has only a local and visible mode of presence.

b.                  They use His ascension to exclude His humanity from dominion in world and, in particular, the Church.

c.                   They misuse Ac 3:21 which really references the exaltation of His human nature beyond all limitations.

7.                  The coelum maiestaticum.

a.                   He showed Himself to the blessed that they might behold His face.

b.                  The ultimate goal is above the other heavens.

(1)               Eph 4:10.

(2)               Heb 7:26.

(3)               Heb 8:1.

c.                   Must not understand by heaven the aerial or ethereal heaven of nature (the sky) nor the heaven of grace, which is the Church Militant on earth.

d.                  He rose in an invisible manner above all heavens.

e.                   Heb 4:14.

I.                    Christ’s Session at God’s Right Hand (p. 329 et. seq.)

1.                  Designates the unending dominion upon which He entered by His ascension.

2.                  “Right hand of God” is an anthropomorphism (a figure of speech)

a.                   For the attribute by which God does His work.

b.                  i.e. His unlimited power, or His omnipotence.

3.                  Ps 118:15,16.

4.                  Ps 89:13.

5.                  Is a “throne of divine power”.

6.                  Not inferior to that of the Father.

7.                  Eph 1:20. (19-21)

8.                  Is the highest degree of glory.

9.                  Practical interest.

a.                   His entire Person is present, to which both natures belong.

b.                  Present as Mediator, Head, King and High Priest in His Church and congregation on earth.

J.          Christ’s Second Advent (p. 330 et. seq.)

1.                  Treated under “Eschatology”.

2.                  Is the last stage of His exaltation.




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