1.         The Sacerdotal Office of Christ in the State of Exaltation (p. 382 et. seq.)

      A.        His office as High Priest.

                  1.         Did not end when He was exalted.

                  2.         It is “unchangeable” – Heb 7:24,25.

                  3.         But, he does not repeat His atoning sacrifice.

                              a.         Ro 6:9,10.

                              b.         Heb 9:12.

                              c.         Heb 10:14.

                              d.         Heb 7:27.

B.        He now intercedes for the redeemed that salvation purchased may be applied to them.

                  1.         Heb 7:25 (again).

                  2.         1Jn 2:1.

                  3.         Ro 8:34.

C.        Oral intercession (of a heavenly kind) or His mere appearance in our behalf?

                  1.         Some have tried to make this an open question.

                  2.         But, Scripture is clear: oral intercession not just His merit.

                              a.         Heb 7:25 (again).

                              b.         Ro 8:34 (again).

                              c.         1Jn 2:1 (again).

                  3.         But must not think of Him as pleading on His knees.

                              a.         He is at the right hand of God (Ro 8:34 again).

b.         But, merit alone argument fails to heed clear word of Scripture.

                  4.         Modern “positive” theologians (like old Socinians).

                              a.         Deny vicarious satisfaction of God.

b.         Compels them to have Him only assisting men in becoming their own savior.

c.         i.e. He but restrains them from sin and incites them to piety by His example.

      D.        Papists deny Priestly office in state of exaltation.

1.         First, deny the “once for all” by their “unbloody” repetition of sacrifice of Christ in the Mass.

2.         Secondly, teach that Mary and saints intercede for us with their merits.

      E.         No intercession after Last Day.

                  1.         Sole object is the gathering and preserving of His church.

2.         Calov and Quenstedt asserted it continues after Last Day (without authority of Scripture).






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