1.         The Kingly Office of Christ  (p. 385 et. seq.)

            A.        Introduction

                        1.         Christ, the Redeemer, also exercises dominion over all things.

                        2.         Scripture stresses the universal character of His dominion.

                                    a.         Mt 11:27.

                                    b.         Mt. 28:18.

                                    c.         Ps 8:6-8.

                                    d.         Eph 1:22,23.

                                    e.         1Co 15:27.

                        3.         Nothing is exempt in the universe.

                        4.         He exercises His royal dominion according to both natures.

a.         His human nature sharing in prerogative of divine nature everywhere.

b.         He rules according to His human nature being present everywhere.

c.         As discussed re: genus maiestaticum and genus apotelesmaticum.

            B.        A three-fold kingdom (p. 385 et. seq.)

                        1.         Divided per the nature of their subjects and their government.

                        2.         The Kingdom of Power.

                                    a.         Rules by His omnipotence.

                                    b.         Embraces:

                                                (1)        unbelievers.

                                                (2)        fallen angels.

                                                (3)        irrational creatures.

                        3.         The Kingdom of Grace.

                                    a.         Embraces the believers.

                                    b.         Rules in grace through the revealed Word.

                                    c.         Synonymous with Church of God on earth.

                                    d.         Ro. 5:1,2.

                        4.         The Kingdom of Glory.

                                    a.         Extends the Kingdom of Grace into eternity.

b.         Only members of church militant will be members of church triumphant.

                                    c.         Holy angels are members.

                                    d.         Heb. 12:22-24.

                        5.         In preaching the Three Kingdoms

                                    a.         Preacher should “pull out all stops.” (quoted, p. 386)

b.         Should “ fill the Christians with the ardent longing to reach heaven” (quoted, p. 386)

            C.        The unity of the Three Kingdoms

                        1.         Form a unit inasmuch as one Lord.

                        2.         Eph. 1:21-23.

                        3.         Unity comforts believers.

                        4.         Mt. 28:18-20.

5.         He uses same omnipotence re: Kingdom of  Power in Kingdoms of Grace and Glory.

                        6.         Kingdom of Grace

                                    a.         Work of grace and omnipotence.

                                    b.         Omnipotence operates:

                                                (1)        in creating and sustaining faith.

                                                            (a)        Eph 1:19 (again).

                                                            (b)        1Pe 1:3-5.

(c)        Lk 11:21,22 (His strength must subdue our “strength” for us to believe).

                                                (2)        to protect the Church against her enemies.

                                                            (a)        Mt 16:18.

                                                            (b)        Ro 8:28.

            D.        The differences of the Three Kingdoms (p. 387 et.seq.)

                        1.         Kingdom of Grace distinguished from kingdoms of this world.

                                    a.         Jn 18:36.

                                    b.         Jn 17:11,15.

2.         He shapes kingdoms of this world through civil righteousness, external authority inclusive of parental authority.

3.         He builds up, maintains, and governs Church exclusively through Word and Sacraments.

                        4.         Kingdoms of Grace and Glory distinguished.

                                    a.         At times, Scripture presents them as a unit.

                                                (1)        Jn 5:24.

                                                (2)        Jn 3:36.

                                                (3)        Col 3:3.

                                                (4)        Gal 4:26.

                                    b.         Other times, presents clear demarcation.

                                                (1)        1Jn 3:2.

                                                (2)        Ro 8:24.

                                    c.         Wide difference between the two:

(1)        re: mode by which knowledge of divine things transmitted.

                                                            (a)        Grace: by means of Word and faith.

(b)        Glory: by means of beatific vision, intuitive, perfect knowledge.

                                                            (c)        1Co 13: 9-12.

(d)       Desire to go beyond Word is source of many heresies (Calvinism, synergism, etc.)

                                                (2)        re: external conditions of their members.

(a)        Grace: members subject to cross and tribulation.

                                                            (b)        Glory: lowliness changed into glory.

                                                            (c)        Ac 14: 21,22.

                                                            (d)       Php 3: 20,21.

                                                            (e)        2Th 1:6b-10.

                                                            (f)        confusion has led to chiliasm.





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