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Welcome to Crossties Lutheran Ministry Resources, Inc. We hope that this is your return to this site and that you will continue to be benefitted in your studies and contemplation of God's Word. We are continuing to post Lesson Plans for the Bible Study entitled "Prayer", as well as sample congregational newsletter articles that you are free to use with any revisions you find appropriate for your particular congregation. We invite you to check out "What's New" to see what new postings have occurred since your last visit.

We know this is not an "exciting" website. We are focused upon content and right substance while acknowledging that we too enjoy animation and eye-catching photographs. We continue to hope and pray that you will benefit from these resources as, by God's grace alone, you continue to grow in Christ by the work of the Holy Spirit working with God's Word.


          Larry D. Harvey,
          Chairman of the Board
          Crossties Lutheran Ministry Resources, Inc.











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