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Beatitude based resources from a Lutheran perspective.             


The Lord's Supper                                           

 2004 - 2005

             The following Lessons are copies of the presentation outlines used by Larry D. Harvey in leading a study of the Lordís Supper and particularly the Words of Institution.  This class is being conducted at Zion Lutheran Church, Tomball, Texas on Wednesday evenings, beginning at 6:30 P.M.

             The primary resource being used for this study is The Lordís Supper (De coena Domini), by Martin Chemnitz, translated by J.A.O. Preus, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1979. 

             The lesson plans will be posted on this website after the conclusion of the session wherein that lesson was presented, studied, and discussed.  Some lessons are anticipated to take more than one weekly session.  Martin Chemnitzís work is highly recommended for reading, study and meditation. 

             Comments or questions concerning the lesson plans may be posted on the Forum Section of this website.

                                                                         Your brother in Christ,

                                                                         Larry D. Harvey





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