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Beatitude based resources from a Lutheran perspective.             


CHURCH AND MINISTRY                       

 The lesson plan that follows was prepared to assist me in leading an adult Bible Classes in a study of Walther’s Church and Ministry at Zion Lutheran Church, Tomball, Texas on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m.  The relevant information concerning that work is as follows:

             Church and Ministry (Kirche und Amt)

            By: C.F.W. Walther

            Translated: J.T. Mueller

            Published: Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo.

            Copyright 1987

 There is no substitute for reading the book itself.  No class leader should expect to be able to use this outline without reading it alongside Walther’s book. 

             This material has been used several times before and has been beneficial in introducing adult Lutherans to Walther and the teachings of our Church on this important doctrine.  All quotes, citations, and references are taken directly from Walther’s book and were selected by me for inclusion in the outline based upon their ability to provide an adequate understanding of the issues involved and give the class participants a “sense” of Walther’s presentation.  In addition, quotes were selected to introduce the class participants to the names of Confessional Lutherans who played important roles in the history of our Church.  Many of the referenced people were otherwise unknown to class members. 

             The goal of the presentation was to assist the communicant members of the congregation, and particularly any leaders and staff members, in understanding the Church, the priesthood of believers, the Office of Public Ministry, the local congregation, and the relationships between congregational offices.

             The outline has also been used as a quick reference resource while working with committees looking at such matters as congregational constitutions and by-laws, staff organization, and relationships between congregational officers, boards of elders, and pastors.

             The lesson plans will be posted on this website after the conclusion of the sessions wherein that lesson was presented, studied, and discussed.


            Comments or questions concerning the lesson plans may be posted on the Forum Section of this website.

             Celebrating our unity in Christ –

                                                                       Your brother in Christ.

                                                                        Larry D. Harvey



Mr. Harvey is an attorney practicing in Houston, Texas, USA, a member of Zion Lutheran Church, Tomball, Texas and the lay representative on the Committee on Constitutions and By-laws of the Texas District, LCMS, 2001-2003.





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