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Beatitude based resources from a Lutheran perspective.             



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Document Formats

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    3. PDF Documents

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  1. Document Formats

    In an effort to accomodate a variety of both users and article submission types, we use a number of different file formats. Each has different advantages and disadvantages, so we will continue to offer each article in multiple formats when possible.

    1. HTML Documents

      HTML documents are the pages you view over the internet through your web browser (you're reading one right now.) Clicking on the html links will open a new window or tab for the article.

    2. MsWord(DOC) Documents

      Doc files are viewed using Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, or a similar program and can be saved to your computer by selecting "Save" after clicking on the DOC link.

    3. PDF Documents

      Adobe PDF files are viewed using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe website free-of-charge.

  2. Multimedia Formats

    The specific format or viewing options available are dependent on the nature of the media in question and the capabilities of the original submission as well as the site as a whole.

    1. Download Video

      Downloadable Videos or other media are hosted on our servers and can be downloaded and viewed on your computer.

    2. Watch Video

      These media files are hosted elsewhere but are viewable on this site. Most of our videos are in this section, as they are hosted on YouTube but viewable here.

    3. Go To Site

      These media files are hosted elsewhere and must be viewed there.











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