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Over the twenty plus years of Crossties Lutheran Ministry Resources, Inc., we have prepared and presented various workshops at local congregations on topics requested by those congregations. The presentations and the workbook provided by Crossties were prepared to address those requests and were not simply "canned" workshops. Examples are as follows:

  • Four Perspectives On Love From The Bible: A half day workshop.
  • Follow The Leader: The Vocation of the Believer: A morning and half afternoon workshop.
  • Real Relationships: A morning and half afternoon workshop.
  • Reclaiming the Sabbath: A ten week, 2 per hours per week workshop with homework.

We endeavor to prepare and present material that addresses the subject matter as requested by that congregation, and provide opportunities for discussion among the participants, at minimal cost to the congregation.

Larry D. Harvey
Chairman of the Board, Crossties Lutheran Ministry Resources, Inc.,
















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